5 Best Ad Management Plugins for WordPress

5 Best Ad Management Plugins for Wordpress

I have some close friends earned thousands usd per month with their website from online ads. Do you want to make money with your site? Do you need a simple solution that allows you to maximize your revenue without spend too much of time? Good news! There are many ad management plugins for WordPress that […]

6 Best Social Content Locker WordPress Plugins

OnePress Social Locker

Do you want to get more Facebook likes, Google +1s, Tweets? Silly question, who doesn’t? Everyone wants to get more social shares as well as more traffic. But it’s not something like that you’ve just published a post and people will start sharing your post. Yes, sometimes it happens when you create a viral one. […]

7 Best WordPress Security Plugins

We have listed the top 4 free best WordPress security plugins and 3 best premium wordpress security plugins for bloggers to easily enhance their website’s security system, according to the fact that WordPress security is one of the most important issues for bloggers. There are near 1 billion sites on the web and recent statistics […]

Best Files and Document Management WordPress Plugins

Best Files and Document Management Wordpress Plugins

Not only a simple blogging platform, WordPress is also a comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) for a variety of customer requirement. For example, it is widely used as a file management system which allows teams to work on files at the same time and handles file management, workflow and file hosting. It seems difficult to […]

5 Best Anti Spam WordPress Plugins For 2014

List of Best Anti Spam WordPress Plugins For 2014

Spam is the most irritating factor for any web based company or for blog owners, because spam can damage the overall quality of your site to a great extent and sometime it can destroy your site completely. So, if you have a website already or you are planning to start a new site, you must […]

How to Embed Code Snippets into WordPress Posts ?

Crayon Syntax Highlighter

WordPress is using TinyCME as default editor, so displaying code within a post is not an easy task. That is why there are some amazing developers who create plugins to make that solve this niggle issue. However, there are some simple and effective ways to do this by use WordPress Syntax Highlighter Plugins or 3rd-party […]

8 Best Author Box Plugins for WordPress

8 Best Author Box Plugins for Wordpress

Now a days many of wordpress blog have author box at end of each post. Now it’s becoming very popular to have author box in author blog. MOST of you already know author box and its importance to manage multi-author blogs.  There are many plugins that add author box to your blog but  I’m sharing […]

5 Best WordPress Plugins to Beat Google Panda in 2014

Top 5 Best WordPress Plugins to Beat Google Panda in 2014

Google Panda is an update that has been out for quite a while now. Still, there are people who are still falling foul of it, which is why programmers have made up a few WordPress plugins to beat Google Panda in 2014. Bloggers got hit by Panda owing to their mistakes in terms of content, […]

How To Protect Your Website From Being Copied ?

How To Protect Your Website From Being Copied

We have seen that some of the lazy bloggers are stealing content from other website. Now a days website content protection is must. Even one of our friend also told that their content is being stolen from their website. And they asked us the solution for this and told us to write on this so today we are going […]